A package that implemented the features of the Collections library of Kotlin (v1.5).


This package made Dart friendly. So there's are some differences as below.

  1. Not implemented which if Dart has same feature but different name.
  2. From 1. If there are sibling features. The name of features follows the Dart method name.
  3. As 2. If there are arguments that has same functionality. The name of arguments follows the Dart arguments name.
  4. Returns Iterable as can as possible when the return type is collection.
  5. Unlike Kotlin, Dart has no method overloading. So there are some features that can not implement to same name. When then change name slight differently. For example overloading methods associateBy(keySelector) and associateBy(keySelector, valueTransform) in Kotlin are splitted to two method as associateBy(keySelector) and associateAndTransformBy(keySelector, valueTransfrom).


  • x Iterable
  • x List
  • x Set
  • x Map