Just import kt_utils.dart

import 'package:kt_utils/kt_utils.dart';

String Methods

plus - Merge text

toCapitalize - Capitalize first letter

toInt - Parse to int

toDouble - Parse to double

reversed - Reverse text

toTitleCase - Capitalizes all words

containsDigit - Check contains digit

isEmailValid - Check email is valid

encodeBase64 - Encode text to Base64

decodeBase64 - Decode from base64 to readable text

isDigit - Check text contains only digit

isLowerCase - Check all letters is lower case

isUpperCase - Check all letters is upper case

isAlpha - Check text contains only letters

swapCase - Change given text case

last - Get last character

isNotNullEmpty - Check string is not null and empty

Double Methods

roundPrecision - Rounding number to decimal places (Deprecated)

roundDouble - Rounding number to decimal places

List Methods

forEachIndexed - forEach with index

lastIndex - Last index of list

random - Return random object

count - Return count of the given item

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