Pagination in Firestore

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pub package style: effective dart License: MIT


Use the same setup used for cloud_firestore package (or follow this).


In your pubspec.yaml

  kr_paginate_firestore: # latest version

Import it

import 'package:kr_paginate_firestore/paginate_firestore.dart';

Implement it

        //item builder type is compulsory.
        itemBuilder: (context, documentSnapshots, index) {
          final data = documentSnapshots[index].data() as Map?;
          return ListTile(
            leading: CircleAvatar(child: Icon(Icons.person)),
            title: data == null ? Text('Error in data') : Text(data['name']),
            subtitle: Text(documentSnapshots[index].id),
        // orderBy is compulsory to enable pagination
        query: FirebaseFirestore.instance.collection('users').orderBy('name'),
        //Change types accordingly
        itemBuilderType: PaginateBuilderType.listView,
        // to fetch real-time data
        isLive: true,

To use with listeners:

      PaginateRefreshedChangeListener refreshChangeListener = PaginateRefreshedChangeListener();

        child: KrPaginateFirestore(
          itemBuilder: (context, documentSnapshots, index) => ListTile(
            leading: CircleAvatar(child: Icon(Icons.person)),
            title: Text(documentSnapshots[index].data()['name']),
            subtitle: Text(documentSnapshots[index].id),
          // orderBy is compulsary to enable pagination
          query: Firestore.instance.collection('users').orderBy('name'),
          listeners: [
        onRefresh: () async {
          refreshChangeListener.refreshed = true;

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