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SDK usage

Please be aware you need to have a Klippa Identity Verification OCR API key to use this SDK. If you would like to use our Identity Verification SDK, please contact us here

Getting started


Edit the file android/key.properties, if it doesn't exist yet, create it. Add the SDK credentials:


Replace the {your-username} and {your-password} values with the ones provided by Klippa.


Edit the file ios/Podfile, add the Klippa CocoaPod:

// Add this to the top of your file:
// Edit the platform to a minimum of 13.0, our SDK doesn't support earlier iOS versions.
platform :ios, '13.0'

// Edit the Runner config to add the pod:
target 'Runner' do
  // ... other instructions

  // Add this below flutter_install_all_ios_pods
    ENV['KLIPPA_IDENTITY_VERIFICATION_SDK_URL'] = File.read(File.join(File.dirname(File.realpath(__FILE__)), '.symlinks', 'plugins', 'klippa_identity_verification_sdk', 'ios', 'sdk_repo')).strip

    ENV['KLIPPA_IDENTITY_VERIFICATION_SDK_VERSION'] = File.read(File.join(File.dirname(File.realpath(__FILE__)), '.symlinks', 'plugins', 'klippa_identity_verification_sdk', 'ios', 'sdk_version')).strip


Replace the {your-username} and {your-password} values with the ones provided by Klippa.

Edit the file ios/{project-name}/Info.plist and add the NSCameraUsageDescription value:

<string>Access to your camera is needed to photograph documents.</string>
<string>Access to your photo library is used to save the images of documents.</string>


Add klippa_identity_verification_sdk as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


import 'package:klippa_identity_verification_sdk/klippa_identity_verification_sdk.dart';

var identityBuilder = IdentityBuilder();
try {
  // @todo: get a session token from the API through your backend here.
  var sessionResult = await KlippaIdentityVerificationSdk.startSession(identityBuilder, '{insert-session-token-here}');
} on PlatformException catch (e) {
  print('Failed to start session: ' + e.toString());

After returning from the SDK you can use the API to validate the session in your backend.

The reject reason object has a code and a message, the used codes are:

  • E_ACTIVITY_DOES_NOT_EXIST (Android only)
  • E_FAILED_TO_SHOW_SESSION (Android only)

How to use a specific version of the SDK?


Edit the file android/build.gradle, add the following:

allprojects {
  // ... other definitions
  project.ext {
      klippaIdentityVerificationVersion = "{version}"

Replace the {version} value with the version you want to use.

If you want to change the repository:

Edit the file android/key.properties, add the SDK repository URL:


Replace {repository-url} with the URL that you want to use.


Edit the file ios/Podfile, add the following line below the username/password if you want to change the version:


Replace {version} with the version that you want to use.

If you want to change the repository:

Edit the file ios/Podfile, add the following line below the username/password if you want to change the URL:


Replace {repository-url} with the URL that you want to use.

How to change the setup of the SDK:


To display extra debug info, add the following to the builder:

identityBuilder.isDebug = true;

Intro/Success screens

To configure whether to show intro/success screens, add the following to the builder:

identityBuilder.hasIntroScreen = true;
identityBuilder.hasSuccessScreen = true;


Add the following to the builder:

// We support English, Dutch and Spanish.
identityBuilder.language = KIVLanguage.Dutch;

When no language is given we try to detect the language of the device and use that if we support it.

How to change the colors of the SDK?


Add or edit the file android/app/src/main/res/values/colors.xml, add the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <color name="kiv_text_color">#808080</color>
    <color name="kiv_background_color">#FFFFFF</color>
    <color name="kiv_button_success_color">#00CC00</color>
    <color name="kiv_button_error_color">#FF0000</color>
    <color name="kiv_button_other_color">#333333</color>
    <color name="kiv_progress_bar_background_color">#EBEFEF</color>
    <color name="kiv_progress_bar_foreground_color">#00CC00</color>

You can also replace the fonts by adding the files:

  • android/app/src/main/res/font/kiv_font.ttf
  • android/app/src/main/res/font/kiv_font_bold.ttf


Use the following properties in the builder:

// Colors:
identityBuilder.colors.textColor = Color.fromARGB(255, 128, 128, 128);
identityBuilder.colors.backgroundColor = Color.fromARGB(255, 255, 255, 255);
identityBuilder.colors.buttonSuccessColor = Color.fromARGB(255, 0, 204, 0);
identityBuilder.colors.buttonErrorColor = Color.fromARGB(255, 255, 0, 0);
identityBuilder.colors.buttonOtherColor = Color.fromARGB(255, 51, 51, 51);
identityBuilder.colors.progressBarBackground = Color.fromARGB(255, 235, 239, 239);
identityBuilder.colors.progressBarForeground = Color.fromARGB(255, 0, 204, 0);

// Fonts:
identityBuilder.fonts.fontName = 'Avenir Next';
identityBuilder.fonts.boldFontName = 'Avenir Next';

Important iOS notes

Older iOS versions do not ship the Swift libraries. To make sure the SDK works on older iOS versions, you can configure the build to embed the Swift libraries using the build setting EMBEDDED_CONTENT_CONTAINS_SWIFT = YES.

We use XCFrameworks, you need CocoaPod version 1.9.0 or higher to be able to use it.

About Klippa

Klippa is a scale-up from Groningen, The Netherlands and was founded in 2015 by six Dutch IT specialists with the goal to digitize paper processes with modern technologies.

We help clients enhance the effectiveness of their organization by using machine learning and OCR. Since 2015 more than a 1000 happy clients have been served with a variety of the software solutions that Klippa offers. Our passion is to help our clients to digitize paper processes by using smart apps, accounts payable software and data extraction by using OCR.


The MIT License (MIT)