Khinsider SDK

Library Tests

An SDK to get video game music files from Khinsider.


  • Query for a list of albums
  • Query an album to get all the available soundtracks
  • Get the download link of a soundtrack for all the available formats

Getting Started

Instantiate a Khinsider object to get access to the available features.

Khinsider client = Khinsider();

List Albums

Call searchAlbums(String query) method. This method returns a Map object with keys as the id and the values as the name.

The returned Map is a list of albums for the given query. It behaves the same way as searching for an album in Khinsider.

Note that the query string length must be 3 and above. This is the condition that Khinsider requires.

Map<String, String> albums = await client.searchAlbums('Hello');

// Get an album id
String firstAlbumId = albums.keys.first;
// Get an album name
String firstAlbumName = albums[firstAlbumId];

Get Album

Call getAlbum(String albumId) method. This method returns an Album object.

The Album object contains the album details, such as the list of song ids available, cover images (if any), and other related albums.

Album album = await client.getAlbum(firstAlbumId);

// Get the available soundtracks
List<Soundtrack> songs = album.soundtracks;
// Get the first soundtrack id
String firstSongId =;

Call getSoundFiles(String albumId, String soundId) method. This returns a Map object with soundtrack file format as the id and the soundtrack download link as the value.

All albums contain the mp3 file format. Some albums might have other formats such as FLAC, ogg, m4a, etc.

Map<String, Uri> soundFiles = await client.getSoundFiles(firstAlbumId, firstSongId);

// Use the file format as a key to get the download link
Uri mp3Link = soundFiles['mp3'];