A keymap widget letting a developer easily allow end users to use keyboard shortcuts and an associated help screen overlay to any app.

This is pre-alpha and the API will probably change in the future.

Getting started

pub package

  keymap: <latest-version>


  • Easily add keyboard shortcuts to any widget tree
  • Clear, readable help screen
  • Allows rich text introductions with images using the Markdown format
  • Handles focus, passing up unhandled key events
  • Respects application theme colors and fonts


Add a KeyMap widget to your tree in the build method

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return KeyboardWidget(
    bindings: [
      KeyAction.fromString('A','increment the counter', () {
        setState(() {
        });}, isControlPressed: true),
      KeyAction(LogicalKeyboardKey.keyD, 'decrement the counter', () {
        setState(() {
      }, isAltPressed: true, isControlPressed: true),
    child: Column(
      children: [
        const Text('Up arrow for adding, down arrow to subtract'),
        Text('count: $count'),

You can optionally set the number of columns for the text shown in the help screen

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return KeyboardWidget(
      columnCount: 2,
      child: Scaffold(

This creates keyboard shortcuts that call the referenced methods and a help screen that can be called up by pressing F1 (or any key you choose):

It will shift colors to match your app's theme (here in dark mode)

You can add rich text (using Markdown format) above the keyboard map. A code sample showing how to do this can be found in the examples directory


A reusable keymap widget with an optional visual display