type property Null safety

KeycloakEventType? type

Represents various type keycloak events that can be subscribed to

KeycloakEventType.onAuthError is called if there was an error during authentication. KeycloakEventType.onAuthLogout Called if the user is logged out (will only be called if the session status iframe is enabled, or in Cordova mode). KeycloakEventType.onAuthRefreshError Called if there was an error while trying to refresh the token. KeycloakEventType.onAuthRefreshSuccess Called when the token is refreshed KeycloakEventType.onAuthSuccess Called when a user is successfully authenticated. KeycloakEventType.onReady Called when the adapter is initialized. KeycloakEventType.onTokenExpired Called when the access token is expired. If a refresh token is available the token can be refreshed with updateToken, or in cases where it is not (that is, with implicit flow) you can redirect to login screen to obtain a new access token.


final KeycloakEventType? type;