Keeper Hive

Keeper Hive integrates Keeper with hive allowing to save fields easily into Hive boxes.

📜 Features

  • ✅ Load/Save from Hive boxes

Getting started

This plugin requires having both keeper and hive installed. Take a look at the Keeper's page for instructions on how to get started with Keeper.

The application is required to initialize hive in the desired path, with either Hive.init or Hive.initFlutter depending on the platform and preference.


In pubspec.yaml:

  keeper_hive: ^0.0.1

(it is also required to have the base Keeper package installed)

In your dart file:

import 'package:keeper/keeper.dart';
import 'package:keeper_hive/keeper_hive.dart';

part 'counter.g.dart';

class Counter = _Counter with _$CounterKeeper;

KeepAsyncKey<int> counterAsyncValue() => HiveKeep('user').asyncKey('counter');

class _Counter {
  KeepAsyncValue<int> value = KeepAsyncValue(0);

  Future increment() async {
    await value.set(await value.get() + 1);

Additional information

Keeper project can be found at

Contributions and bug reports are welcomed! Please include relevant information to help solve the bugs.

This project is licensed under The MIT License (MIT) available at LICENSE.