NullableIterableExtensions<T> extension

Provides an extension method for Iterable that is nullable.




firstOrNull → T?
Returns the first element.
no setter
isEmpty bool
Whether this collection has no elements.
no setter
isNotEmpty bool
Whether this collection has at least one element.
no setter
lastOrNull → T?
Returns the last element.
no setter
length int
Returns the number of elements in Iterable.
no setter


contains(Object? element) bool
Whether the collection contains an element equal to element.
containsAll(Iterable<Object?> elements) bool
Returns true if Iterable contains all elements.
containsAny(Iterable<Object?> elements) bool
Returns true if Iterable contains any of elements.
equalsTo(Iterable<T>? others) bool
Returns true if the internals of Iterable and others are compared and match.
fill(int length, T generator(int index)) Iterable<T>
If length is greater than the current number, returns Iterable filled with elements generated by generator.
firstWhereOrNull(bool test(T item)) → T?
Returns the first element for which the return value of test is true.