ListExtensions<T> extension

Provides extended methods for List in T.




isJsonEncodable bool
If this object is Json encodable, true is returned.
no setter


clone({bool growable = false}) List<T>
Clone another listing from an existing listing.
containsIndex(int index) bool
Returns true if index is within the range of elements in List.
get<E>(int index, E defaultValue) → E
Get the indexth element.
getRandom([int? seed]) → T?
Get a random element from List.
insertFirst(T element) List<T>
Insert element at the beginning of List.
insertLast(T element) List<T>
Insert element at the end of List.
insertWhere(T element, bool test(T? prev, T? current, T? next)) List<T>
Inserts element before the first element in List for which the return value of test is true.
shuffleTo([Random? random]) List<T>
Randomly sort this list.
sortTo([int compare(T a, T b)?]) List<T>
Sorts this list according to the order specified by the compare function.