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A Dart package for handling a cash receipt coming from S-kaupat or K-ruoka (two Finnish food online stores).

Currently this package works best with a command-line interface (CLI). This means that it should work only with Windows, macOS and Linux.


  • Read a text file containing receipt products (only for S-kaupat).
  • Read an HTML file containing EAN products (for both S-kaupat and K-ruoka).
  • Export both product types into CSV or Excel (XLSX) file based on the choice.

Getting started

You need two files to use this package:

  1. an HTML file containing EAN products when using S-kaupat or K-ruoka and
  2. a text file containing receipt products when using S-kaupat.

To get an HTML file, follow these instructions:

  • Generate an HTML file by using snapshot-as-html project (see the installation).
    • To generate that, go to an active order page of an online store:
      • s-kaupat.fi (profile image → "Tilaukset" → "Katso tilaustiedot") or
      • k-ruoka.fi (profile image → "Tilaukset" → expand the latest order).
    • Then click the snapshot-as-html extension image and click "Capture it!".
    • An HTML file will be generated and saved to your computer's Downloads folder.

To get a text file, follow these instructions:

  • Ensure that you have enabled an electronic cash receipt service in S-kanava (a separate service for S-kaupat).
    • Go to s-kanava.fi and select "Kassakuitit" page.
    • Select a cash receipt you want to view. Select needed rows by painting from the first product row to the total row. Copy them.
    • Open a text editor (e.g. Notepad or TextEdit) and paste copied cash receipt rows. Save the file as a plain text file (.txt).


    Create a Kassakuitti instance using default values:
        selectedShop = SelectedShop.sKaupat
        selectedFileFormat = SelectedFileFormat.xlsx
var kassakuitti = Kassakuitti('path/to/textFile.txt', 'path/to/htmlFile.html');
var receiptProducts = await kassakuitti.readReceiptProducts();
var eanProducts = await kassakuitti.readEANProducts();
var exportedFilePaths =
        await kassakuitti.export(receiptProducts, eanProducts);

Additional information

This kassakuitti project set started from dart_kassakuitti_cli project in October 2021.

All contributions are welcome. If you would like to contribute, please give an issue to discuss about the problem.

There are wiki pages for this project. Please update them if you find some useful tricks for using Dart. Currently, there's only instructions for generating locally a coverage report.

This project is authored by Arttu Ylhävuori.


Kassakuitti - handle a cash receipt coming from S-kaupat or K-ruoka (two Finnish food online stores).