Kakao Address Widget

A Flutter package for integrating Kakao Postcode service to select an address in South Korea.

About KakaoAddressWidget

"kakao_address_widget" is inspired by "kpostal_web", which is not web-ready and "kpostal_web" only opens in a new window. "kakao_address_widget" is an address finder in popup format.


  • Displays a dialog with Kakao Postcode service for selecting an address.
  • Returns the selected address information (postcode, address, building name) through a callback function.

Getting Started


Add the following line to your pubspec.yaml file:

  onAddressSelected: (postcode, address, buildingName) {
    print('Postcode: $postcode');
    print('Address: $address');
    print('Building Name: $buildingName');