A parser for jx files (extended JSON format).


jx (short for JSON eXtended, file extension .jx) is a file format that extends JSON. jx was designed specifically for configuration files, but has a wide range of potential applications. jx is a super-set of JSON that supports core JSON but adds many more powerful features. For example:

  • Inline and block comments
  • Keys without quotes
  • Single and double quoted strings
  • Equations
  • Variables, functions and user-defined functions
  • String, Array and Object operations (combine, add, remove etc)
  • Color support and manipulation

Example jx file

Overview of the jx specification

Getting started

  • Add jx to your pubspec.yaml


import 'package:jx/jx.dart';

void main() {
  String jx = '''{
    // This is an example jx file
    \$code: 'jx';
    name: code + ' file format (.' + code + ')';
  var parser = JxParser();
  var result = parser.parse(jx);

  print(result['name']); // jx file format (.jx)
  print(result.variables['code']); // jx


JX parser