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A simple debounce library.

import 'package:just_debounce_it/just_debounce_it.dart';

Debounce.milliseconds(1000, print, ["Debounce World!"]);

Static methods

There are three methods available for debouncing. All methods differ only by the first parameter used to specify timeout values in different formats:

Debounce.seconds(int timeoutSeconds, Function target, [List<dynamic> args])
Debounce.milliseconds(int timeoutMs, Function target, [List<dynamic> args])
Debounce.duration(Duration timeout, Function target, [List<dynamic> args])

To immediately dispatch a target that has previously been debounced, use runAndClear. Optional args can be provided to override the debounced arguments:

Debounce.runAndClear(Function target, [List<dynamic> args])

To clear a debounced target:

Debounce.clear(Function target)


A quick demonstration can be found in the example directory. To run the example:

pub run example/main.dart


https://gist.github.com/marc-hughes/8302149 https://github.com/dtq