pub package

Collection of extension function of just_audio package for auto-handle caching audio files

How to use

The premise is you already have just_audio package in your dependency

Core method dynamicSet would auto handle caching, if the target file not in cache, would download it and push in cache.

The next time the same url request call, would call the local file instead of requesting.

url is your audio source, a unique key that represents the stored file path,

pushIfNotExisted if true, when the file not exists, would download the file and push in cache

excludeCallback a callback function where you can specify which file you don't want to be cached

import 'package:just_audio_cache/just_audio_cache.dart';

void _play() async {
   // dynamic set your audio source
   await _player.dynamicSet(your_url);

If you want to check if the target file exist in cache


Manually add file to cache


Get Cached file for the following url

_player.getCachedFile(url: your_url);

Clear all the cache from storage