Language: English



json localization data translator,

based on the 'translator' package

example: source 'en'

   "hello": "hello",
   "yellow": "yellow",
   "inner": {
      "test": "inside",
      "confirm": "confirm",
      "depth": {
         "depthTitle": "title"

example: translate 'zh-tw'

   "hello": "你好",
   "yellow": "黃色的",
   "inner": {
      "test": "裡面",
      "confirm": "確認",
      "depth": {
         "depthTitle": "標題"


1. Use this package as an executable

  1. Activating a package

     dart pub global activate json_localization_translator
  2. Running

     json_localization_translator translate -i {input_file} -o {output_file} -f {from_language} -t {to_language}
  3. Command Line Arguments

    translate            translate command
    -i, --in             input file
    -o, --out            output file
    -f, --from           from language
    -t, --to             to language
    -h, --[no-]help      description

(If thrown error command not found on step1, check this add path to env)