json_convert 👋

Generate codes for freezed, json_serializable, classic models easily


To convert json files to dart files, Use:

dart run json_convert

To build file.g.dart or file.freezed.dart with build_runner, use following command:

dart run json_convert build

To clear generated configuration file of json_convert with your needs, run following command:

dart run json_convert clear

Getting started

Add some json file inside assets/ folder



   "name" : "Babak",
   "nickname": "BabakCode",
   "websiteAddress": "http://babakcode.com",
   "age": 23,
   "location": {
      "lat": 34.12,
      "lng": 46.22341
   "posts": [
         "name": "Get datatype in dart",
         "description": "Use `is` to identify the data type"
         "name": "show image in flutter",
         "description": "Use Image.asset to load images from asset folder"

and for assets/json_convert/city.json

   "name": "San Diego",
   "population": 3500000,
   "populationStr": "3.5mil",
   "country": {
      "_id": 23,
      "name": "USA"

or you can add them at your desired location with the Additional information configuration 👇


Run following command to generate dart files:

dart run json_convert

dart run json_convert

And now you can see exported dart files in lib/models folder: json_convert exported dart files

Additional information

Json_convert will ask you some questions.

  1. Select json files directory.
  Default json files directory is: `assets/json_models`
  Would you like to change directory?
  [Press Enter / Write new dir location]:

You can press Enter to continue or write new directory location, As an example: types folder in root directory.

  1. Select export type.
Please select export type:
1. classic
2. json_serializable
3. freezed
Write [1-3] or [classic, json_serializable, freezed]:

You can enter export type id or name.

The classic type does not require to dart run json_convert build but it does for freezed and json_serializable!

  1. Complete selected type methods checkmarks: some questions for adding methods

  2. Choose export directory: Default export directory is lib/models.

Export location inside lib folder: `models`
Do you want to change it?
[Press Enter / Write new location]:

You can press Enter to continue or write new directory location, As an example: entities folder inside lib directory.

Do not include the lib at the beginning of the address!