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Dart package to render JSON data to YAML:

  • Correct handling of nested structures
  • Built-in automatic beautifer
  • Supports Dart pubspec.yaml conventions
  • Compatible with conventions imposed by Dart pubspec.lock generator

Known limitations

  • Strings (single line and multiline) are always formatted as they are, without word wrapping for better human readability


json2yaml is the function to format JSON data to YAML.

  const developerData = {
    'name': "Martin D'vloper",
    'job': 'Developer',
    'skill': 'Elite',
    'employed': true,
    'foods': ['Apple', 'Orange', 'Strawberry', 'Mango'],
    'languages': {
      'perl': 'Elite',
      'python': 'Elite',
      'pascal': 'Lame',
    'education': '4 GCSEs\n3 A-Levels\nBSc in the Internet of Things'


Advanced usage: YAML formatting styles

json2yaml supports the optional argument to customize YAML formatting for various use cases. At the moment, it supports the three following formatting styles:

  • YamlStyle.generic (default) -- Default formatting style applicable in most cases
  • YamlStyle.pubspecYaml -- YAML formatting style following pubspec.yaml formatting conventions
  • YamlStyle.pubspecLock -- YAML formatting style following pubspec.lock formatting conventions

YAML style is supplied as an optional argument to json2yaml():

/// Yaml formatting control options
enum YamlStyle {

/// Converts JSON to YAML representation
String json2yaml(
  Map<String, dynamic> json, {
  YamlStyle yamlStyle = YamlStyle.generic,