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Resize Observer


The interface reports changes to the dimensions of an Element's content or border box, or the bounding box of an SVGElement. Note: The content box is the box in which content can be placed, meaning the border box minus the padding and border width. The border box encompasses the content, padding, and border. See The box model for further explanation. avoids infinite callback loops and cyclic dependencies that are often created when resizing via a callback function. It does this by only processing elements deeper in the DOM in subsequent frames. Implementations should, if they follow the specification, invoke resize events before paint and after layout.
The interface represents the object passed to the ResizeObserver() constructor's callback function, which allows you to access the new dimensions of the Element or SVGElement being observed.
The interface of the Resize Observer API is used by the ResizeObserverEntry interface to access the box sizing properties of the element being observed. Note: In multi-column layout, which is a fragmented context, the sizing returned by will be the size of the first column.