LocalazyCdnManager class


LocalazyCdnManager({required String cacheFolder, required String cdnId, required String getFileName(String locale, String flavor), LocalazyLocale customFileSearch(LocalazyConfig config)?, Duration configCacheDuration = const Duration(days: 1)})
Construct a localazy CDN manage for the localization files


cacheFolder String
Folder where to save cache and config files
cdnId String
CDN ID of your localazy project, you can find it by running localazy cdn and get it from the URI
configCacheDuration Duration
Cache duration for localazy config file Default to one day
customFileSearch → (LocalazyLocale Function(LocalazyConfig config)?)
Callback if you want to search the correct file manually
getFileName String Function(String locale, String flavor)
Callback to get the name of the file based on the locale and flavor
hashCode int
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no setterinherited
runtimeType Type
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no setterinherited


clearCache() Future<void>
download(String locale, String flavor, {String? overrideFileName}) Future<String?>
Download the correct file based on locale and flavor It will get the localazy CDN config file and then search the right file based on getFileName or customFileSearch. Returns null if nothing have been found on localazy Returns ARB content from cache or from localazy CDN depending if file have changed since last download Can throw StateError if no file match the given name of getFileName and locale/flavor overrideFileName can be used if you need multiple localization delegate on your flutter app that use one localazy manager but for multiple filek
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toString() String
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