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Fast, structured, leveled logging for Dart.

jetlog's API is designed to provide great development experience without losing performance. jetlog allows to format logging records into different representations and supports formatting to JSON and text out of the box.

There are a couple of features developer may benefit from:

  • Blazing fast logging
  • Efficient logging of structured data (with support to lazy evaluation)
  • Unambiguous support for loggers hierarchy
  • Exchangeable logging handlers
  • Logging filters


To get mostly up to date package install it through pub.

pub get jetlog

Getting started

The easiest way to get up and running is to use global logger provided in global_logger package library.

import 'package:jetlog/global_logger.dart' as logger;
import 'package:jetlog/jetlog.dart' as log show Str;

void main() async {
    const log.Str('hello', 'world')

// => '2019-06-27 15:37:38.046859 [INFO]: Greeting hello=world'


Released under the MIT license.


Package library jetlog provides fast, structured, leveled logger.
This package library provides predefined filters to conditionally filter logging records.
This package library provides a global logger.
This package library provides a set of logging record handlers such as ConsoleHandler, MemoryHandler, StreamHandler and MultiHandler.