Jalali Flutter Date Picker

Jalali Flutter Date Picker - Preview 1 Jalali Flutter Date Picker - Preview 2

Jalali Flutter Date Picker is a customizable Jalali (Persian) date picker widget for Flutter. This package allows you to easily integrate a Jalali date picker into your Flutter applications with various customization options, including colors for different date states.(Supporting Dari Language)


  • Selectable Date Range: Define a range of selectable dates using `firstDateRange` and `lastDateRange` properties.
  • Customizable Colors: Set different colors for enabled, disabled, selected, and today's dates using various properties.
  • Year Selection: Navigate between years using the built-in dropdown menus.
  • Dynamic Month & Year: Months and years are generated dynamically based on the selectable date range.
  • Fully Customizable: Adjust the look and feel of the date picker to match your app's design.


To use Jalali Flutter Date Picker in your project, add it to your `pubspec.yaml` file:

    jalali_flutter_datepicker: ^latest_version

Then, run `flutter pub get` to install the package.


Import the package in your Flutter code:

  import 'package:jalali_flutter_datepicker/jalali_flutter_datepicker.dart';


This example demonstrates how to use the `JalaliFlutterDatePicker` widget in your application:

    onDateChanged: (value) {
      // Handle the date change in your application
    // language: "dari",If You Want Use Mont With Dari Language As Default is persian
    initialDate: Jalali(1350, 3, 2), // The initial date displayed
    firstDateRange: Jalali(1340, 3, 1), // Earliest selectable date
    lastDateRange: Jalali(1360, 8, 29), // Latest selectable date
    disabledDayColor: Colors.grey,
    enabledDayColor: Colors.black,
    selectedDayBackground: const Color(0xffFD9404),
    selectedDayColor: Colors.white,
    todayColor: const Color(0xffFD9404),
    footerIconColor: const Color(0xffFD9404),
    footerTextStyle: const TextStyle(color: Color(0xffFD9404), fontSize: 12),
    headerTextStyle: const TextStyle(color: Color(0xffFD9404)),
    customArrowWidget: const Icon(CupertinoIcons.chevron_down),
    selectedMonthTextStyle: const TextStyle(fontSize: 15),
    monthDropDownItemTextStyle:  const TextStyle(fontSize: 14),
    selectedYearTextStyle: const TextStyle(fontSize: 15) ,
    yearsDropDownItemTextStyle:  const TextStyle(fontSize: 14),


Explanation of Fields

  • onDateChanged: A callback function triggered when the user selects a date.
  • initialDate: The initial date displayed when the date picker opens.
  • firstDateRange: The earliest selectable date.
  • lastDateRange: The latest selectable date.
  • (Color Properties): Customize the colors for different date states.
  • footerIconColor, footerTextStyle, headerTextStyle: Style the footer and header text.