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Jabar Design System

Official Jabar Design System Package for Flutter.

Jabar Design System was created as a product design and programming code standard that makes it easy for designers and developers in West Java (ID) to develop uniform products.


  • Import
import 'package:jabar_design_system/jabar_design_system.dart';
  • Colors (Primary, Secondary, Neutral, etc)
Container(color: Jds.colors.primary.green,)
  • Text Theme (Sans Serif, Sans Serif Alt, Serif)
import 'package:jabar_design_system/jabar_design_system.dart';

Text('Jabar Design System', style: Jds.textTheme.sansSerif.bodyMedium)

Additional information

This package is still a work in progress and will be treated as an internal project, while its Figma is open to the community. You can read more about Jabar Design System here.