Ready-to-use Flutter widgets to download files in isolates using isolated_download_manager package


Flutter Download Manager - iPhone 14 Pro Max

Getting started

Include latest version from to pubspec.yaml


There are just two widgets:

  • DownloadWidget - to represent UI of DownloadRequest object state.

      request: request, 
      builder: (context, state, progress, error) {
        // UI goes here 

    Full example code

  • DownloadUrlWidget - simplified version where DownloadRequest is stored internally (accessed via builder).

    // using just an url
      url: url, 
      path: path, 
      controller: controller, // optional
      builder: (context, controller, state, progress, error, request) {
        // UI goes here 

    The controller allows to access task outside of widget builder's body. Full example code

Feature-rich example available at complex example directory