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A library for parsing, validating, and generating ISBN codes easily. Supports ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 formats.

This library is designed to have minimal dependencies for use across multiple platforms.


The easiest way to use this library is via the top-level Isbn class.

import 'package:isbn/isbn.dart';

/// This example illustrates the main features of the library
/// For more examples, look at /tests
void main() {
  /// Initialize the main object
  Isbn isbn = Isbn();

  /// Check if a string is in ISBN-10 format
  print(isbn.isIsbn10('ISBN 4-19-830127-1'));

  /// Check if a string is in ISBN-13 format
  print(isbn.isIsbn13('ISBN 97818nope4677'));

  /// Convert a string into ISBN 10 format
  print(isbn.toIsbn10('isbn 0-8264-9752-7'));

  /// Convert a string into ISBN 13 format
  print(isbn.toIsbn13('record: isbn 0-8264-9752-7'));

  /// Parse text for ISBNs
  /// Specify detection levels to use. Options: [loose, normal, strict]
  final text = r'ISBN 9781849284677'
      'data: 9780312640583 thisworks'
      'record: isbn 978-0312640583'
      'also works: isbn 978031264058 3';
  print(isbn.getIsbnFromString(text, level: 'normal'));

  /// Convert a string to its canonical ISBN representation

  /// Convert a string to EAN13 format


ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique identifier used for books and other related products like e-books, audiobooks, and certain multimedia publications.

ISBNs are used to uniquely identify a specific edition or format of a book and are an essential part of the book supply chain and publishing industry.

The standard ISBN format is now 13 digits. However, the older ISBN-10 system is still encountered in some older publications. The ISBN-10 system was in use until 2007, after which the ISBN-13 system became the standard.

The ISBN-13 format is also known as EAN-13 (European Article Number), as it shares the same structure with EAN-13 barcodes used for other retail products.

Getting Help

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This work builds upon:

  1. xlcnd's isbnlib (python)

Do check out their repo too!

How to contribute

All feedback and suggestions for improvements are welcome:

  1. Open a discussion on github
  2. Discuss proposed changes
  3. Submit a PR (optional)

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A library for parsing, validating, and generating ISBN codes easily. Supports ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 formats.