This package will generate Lorem ipsum text for your applications. By default, it takes its source text from Cicero's De finibus bonorum et malorum, but you can specify your own source text if you want.

You can select:

  • words
  • sentences
  • paragraphs

Since this uses the base dart libraries it should also work on every platform.


You can enable and disable the first 5 words being "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" by toggling startWithLorem (defaults to false).

You can also pass a custom set of delimiters to delimit sentences and paragraphs (defaults to . ? !).


import 'package:ipsum/ipsum.dart';

// Create an instance
Ipsum lip = Ipsum();

String words = lip.words(4);
/// Illaeffectrix beatae vitae sapientia

String sentences = lip.sentences(1);
/// Igitur, inquam, res tamdissimiles eodem nomine appellas?

String paragraphs = lip.paragraphs(1);
/// Utilitatem referantur, virum bonum non posse reperiri deque his rebus satis multa in nostris ...


This package was inspired by the python library lipsum.