A flutter client library for the IPFS HTTP API.


  • Make a directory
  • List all directories/files in a directory/subdirectory
  • File status
  • Write a file
  • Read a file
  • Remove a file/directory
  • Move/Rename a file


  IpfsClient ipfsClient = IpfsClient();


  IpfsClient ipfsClient = IpfsClient(url: "");
  // default is so you don't need to pass url in case you are working on localhost

If your app uses Basic Authorization then,

  IpfsClient ipfsClient =
      IpfsClient(url: "YOUR_SERVER_URL", authorizationToken: "YOUR_TOKEN");

How to make a directory in IPFS

  var response = await ipfsClient.mkdir(dir: 'myfolder');

Get list of directories/files in a directory/subdirectory in the local mutable namespace.

  var response = await ipfsClient.ls(dir: 'myfolder');

If you dont pass any folder it will return all files and directories of root directory.

How to Write to a file

    var response = await ipfsClient.write(
      dir: 'myfolder/sample.png',
      filePath: "/Users/myuser/Desktop/sample.png",
      fileName: "sample.png");

How to read a file

  var response = await ipfsClient.read(dir: "myfolder/sample.png");

How to remove a file

  var response = await ipfsClient.remove(dir: "myfolder/sample.png");

How to move/rename a file

  var response = await ipfsClient.mv(oldPath: "myfolder/sample.png", newPath: "myfolder/MY_SAMPLE.png");


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