The IosReceipt package allows you to easily fetch the App Store receipt in your Flutter application on the iOS platform.


Add the following dependency to your pubspec.yaml file:

  ios_receipt: ^0.0.1  # Use the latest version of the package

Then, run flutter pub get to install the package.


To obtain the App Store receipt, use the following code:

final receiptInBase64 = await IosReceipt.getAppleReceipt();

Based on

This package is based on the appStoreReceiptURL from the official Apple documentation.


  • The receipt isn't necessary if you use AppTransaction to validate the app download, or Transaction to validate in-app purchases.
  • If the receipt is invalid or missing in your app, use SKReceiptRefreshRequest to request a new receipt.

Testing Environments

Keep in mind that receipts aren't initially present in iOS and iPadOS apps in the sandbox environment and in Xcode. Apps receive a receipt after the tester completes the first in-app purchase.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.