Takamaka core wallet lib

A core library to create a crypto wallet includes a set of functions and components that handle various aspects of cryptocurrency transactions and account management.

Developers can use the SDK library to build custom blockchain applications or integrate blockchain functionality into existing applications. Overall, the Takamaka platform provides a comprehensive set of tools and libraries for building decentralized applications on the blockchain, and the SDK and wallet provide a convenient way to interact with the blockchain and manage accounts and transactions.

Key Generation and Management. The library would provide functions for generating cryptographic key pairs, such as public and private keys. It would also handle key storage and retrieval securely. Address Generation Cryptocurrency wallets are identified by unique addresses. The library would include functions to generate these addresses based on the generated key pairs. Transaction Handling The library would offer functions to create, sign, and broadcast cryptocurrency transactions. It would include methods to specify transaction details like recipient addresses, amounts, and transaction fees. Blockchain Interaction. To retrieve account balances, transaction history, and other information from the blockchain, the library would provide methods to interact with blockchain nodes or APIs. This includes querying balances, fetching transaction data, and verifying transaction statuses. Cryptographic Operations. Cryptocurrency wallets heavily rely on cryptographic operations like signature generation and verification. The library would include functions for cryptographic operations needed for transaction signing and verification. Security Measures Security is paramount in cryptocurrency wallets. The library would incorporate best practices for secure key storage, encryption, and secure random number generation. Wallet Backup and Recovery. The library includes functionality for wallet backup and recovery, allowing users to securely backup their wallets' state and restore them if needed. This may involve encrypted backups or mnemonic phrases for deterministic key generation. Network and Protocol Support. It handle network-specific transaction formats and protocol-related operations.