Invoice su Acquiring SDK

Acquiring SDK allows you to integrate Invoice su Acquiring into applications for iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Linux, MacOS platforms.

Available API Documentation.

SDK Features

  • Making payments (including recurring payments);
  • Creating terminals (including recurring payments);
  • Integration with online checkouts;
  • Payment through the Fast Payment System (SBP) by QR;


Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  invoice_su: ^1.0.1

Before usage

To get started with the SDK, you'll need:

  • login - seller's account login;
  • apiKey - account api key to work with;
  • terminalId – to start make payments it needs to select one.

These values are issued in your personal account after connecting to Invoice su Acquiring.


To configure the operation mode, set the following parameters:

 final InvoiceAcquiring acquiringInstance = InvoiceAcquiring(
    InvoiceAcquiringConfig.credential(login: demoLogin, apiKey: apiDemoKey));


The Example is in the corresponding folder


Является базовым модулем для работы с Invoice Acquiring API. Модуль реализует протокол взаимодействия с сервером и позволяет не осуществлять прямых обращений в API.