This plugin allows Flutter apps to interact with the Inventiv Critic system for bug tracking and reporting. You will need to have a Critic account to properly utilize this. Please visit the Critic website for more information.

How to use

Step 1: Initialize the Critic library using your api key:

String key = 'your api key';

Step 2: Create a new Bug Report using the .create const:

BugReport report = BugReport.create(
    description: 'description text',
    stepsToReproduce: 'steps to reproduce text',

Step 3: Attach a file, if necessary

File file = File('path to file');
report.attachments = <Attachment>[];
report.attachments!.add(Attachment(name: 'test file', path: file.path));

Step 4: Use the Critic() singleton to submit your BugReport (example using Futures):

    (BugReport successfulReport) {
    }).catchError((Object error) {

Step 5: Review bugs submitted for your organization using Critic's web portal