An adapter helps intl package recognize correct language when Locale specified script language

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The pattern of locale for intl package is (language)_(COUNTRY) only. However, Flutter's Locale format is (language)_(Script)_(COUNTRY) which triggered fallback to (language) only. Therefore, this package aims to handle correct language system by define country code with corresponded scripting.

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Before start

The future release in major version number of this package will depend on the latest major version of Dart and Flutter SDK. It may rewrite new syntax to satisify use case which no longer compatable for older release one.

To avoid this issue, you may required to run flutter upgrade before install it.


Install intl and this package by using command:

flutter pub add intl intl_script_recognizer

or modify dependencies in pubspec.yaml directly:

# pubspec.yaml
    intl: any
    intl_script_recognizer: ^2.2.0

Then, import dependencies into your project:

import 'package:intl/intl.dart';
import 'package:intl_script_recognizer/base.dart';

If DateFormat is required, it is highly recommended to import date format extension package:

import 'package:intl_script_recognizer/date_format.dart';

By default, IntlScriptRecognizer will recognized "Traditional Chinese" (zh_Hant) to "Chinese (Taiwan)" (zh_TW) once the instance has been created. If you preferred to uses another country or region's varient (in this case, Hong Kong), it is possible to override assigned record by activating replaceExisted like example.




A base library which provides a recognizer only.
An extension library for processing IntlScriptRecognizer with DateFormat.