gender method

String gender(
  1. String targetGender,
  2. {String female,
  3. String male,
  4. String other,
  5. String desc,
  6. Map<String, Object> examples,
  7. String locale,
  8. String name,
  9. List<Object> args,
  10. String meaning,
  11. bool skip}

Format a message differently depending on targetGender.


static String gender(String targetGender,
    {String female,
    String male,
    String other,
    String desc,
    Map<String, Object> examples,
    String locale,
    String name,
    List<Object> args,
    String meaning,
    bool skip}) {
  // Call our internal method, dropping args and desc because they're not used
  // at runtime and we want them to be optimized away.
  return _gender(targetGender,
      male: male,
      female: female,
      other: other,
      locale: locale,
      name: name,
      args: args,
      meaning: meaning);