The web implementation of intercom_flutter.


This package is already included as part of the intercom_flutter package dependency, and will be included when using intercom_flutter as normal.

But if you want to use this package as alone, add the dependency intercom_flutter_web. You don't need to add Intercom script in the index.html file, it will be automatically injected. But you can pre-define some Intercom settings, if you want (optional).

    window.intercomSettings = {
        hide_default_launcher: true, // hide the launcher

Following functions are not yet supported on Web:

  • unreadConversationCount
  • setInAppMessagesVisibility
  • sendTokenToIntercom
  • handlePushMessage
  • isIntercomPush
  • handlePush
  • displayCarousel
  • displayHelpCenterCollections