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Flutter package to take care of internationalization


  • InteractiveLocalization widget to give context and the localesPath to get the translation jsons
  • 'Getter translation by adding a dot t in the end of the string'.t
  • InteractiveI18nSelector widget that you just need to add to let the user switch between languages

Getting started

Add the dependency to your pubspec.yaml:

interactive_i18n: ^1.0.2


First to use this package you need to create the jsons files, check this example:


InteractiveLocalization is a widget that applies internationalization settings to its child widget. It necessitates a list of available languages and a function that is triggered whenever the language is updated.

In this example, an InteractiveLocalization widget wraps the Scaffold widget of the MyHomePage widget. It specifies the available languages and provides a languageUpdated callback function. The path to the language files is also declared.

return InteractiveLocalization(
      availableLanguages: availableLanguages,
      languageUpdated: languageUpdated,
      localesPath: 'assets/locales/',
      child: Scaffold(


InteractiveI18nSelector is a widget enabling the user to choose the language. It exhibits an icon, which upon clicking presents a new screen with list of available languages. The onLanguageSelected property is a function that is triggered whenever the user selects a language.

In this example, an InteractiveI18nSelector widget is placed in the AppBar widget of the Scaffold widget.

    iconSize: 50,
    onLanguageSelected: (language) {
      debugPrint('User picked language $language');

Translation String Extension

The .t string extension is utilized to fetch the translated value of a string. In this example, strings are flagged with the .t extension to enable their translation.

For instance, the application uses 'You have pushed the button this many times:'.t to acquire the translation of the string 'You have pushed the button this many times:'.

  'You have pushed the button this many times:'.t,


Don't forget to check the complete example of how to use the package.


Check this test to validate missing translations

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