A flutter package to view a image gallery inspired on Discord, with:

  • Zoom images.
  • Slide between different images.
  • Dismissable pages on up or down drag.
  • Visualizing miniatures of the images.
  • Sharing the selected image to other apps.
  • Highly customizable miniature views on the botomsheet.

Platform Support

  • X Android
  • X iOS
  • X MacOS
  • X Web
  • X Linux
  • X Windows

It may show limited capabilities in desktop applications, given the unexistance to swipe.

Getting started

alt text

This package relies on share_plus to share your images.


Import the library.

import 'package:interactive_gallery/interactive_gallery.dart';

Invoke the Widget with your image list. Your list has to be List <File> for local images or <String> for network images.

InteractiveGallery(imageList: networkImages)                        

Additional information

Arguments of the package:

  • imageList; Your image data, required data, <File> type for local image,<String> type for network images.

  • index: The initial index of your list, default 0.

  • minScale: The smallest image scale, default 1.

  • maxScale: The highest imag scale, default 5.

  • minStiffness: The minimum swiping stiffness, keep it low, to avoid diagonal movements on changing the images when sliding, default 0.1

  • maxStiffness:

    The maximum swiping stiffness, default 1.5

  • heightWindowPop:

    The window height proportion to pop the navigator when sliding up or down, default 0.6

  • backgroundColor:

    The color of the empty space of your screen, default is black.

  • firstBottomsheetColor:

    The color of the default bottomsheet on tap, default is black with 0.3 oppacity.

  • firstBottomsheetHeight:

    The height of the default bottomsheet on tap, default is 100.

  • firstBottomsheetBorderRadius:

    The border radius of the default bottomsheet on tap, default is 0.

  • miniatureWidth:

    The width of the miniatures of the default bottomsheet images.

  • Widget? singleTapBottomsheetWidget:

    Customizable bottomsheet Widget when doing simple tap on the screen, default is the ImageScroller Widget, to show miniatures

  • Widget? longTapBottomsheetWidget:

    Customizable bottomsheet Widget when doing long tap on the screen or when taping more options, default is the ModalSheet Widget, to share your picture to other apps.

Customizing bottomsheet Widgets

Import the library.

                imageList: networkImages,  
		singleTapBottomsheWidget: Container(height: 100, color:,
                longTapBottomsheetWidget: Container(height: 100, color: Colors.yellow),