Intro - InstaDiv is an easy to use server driven UI SaaS that helps you instantly deploy & control your engagement contents like carousel & image banners.

Integration - flutter

  1. Create an account or sign-in @
  2. Create a project corresponding to an app.
  3. Create a new view by clicking on the + tile
  4. You can select a template, either a carousel or image banner & set attributes as per your requirement and deploy once finalised.
  5. Copy the view Id that you see after deployment.
  6. Invoke InstaView with this viewId.
  7. In-app dialogs will be auto triggered by events.
  8. Picture-in-picture will be shown on screen views if conditions are met.
  9. NPS, CSAT and Feedback bottom sheet will be auto triggered by events.
  10. In-app alerts/announcements will be auto triggered by events.