Basic tooling used for rapid prototyping of application.

Platform Support

Android iOS MacOS Web Windows Linux
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Getting Started

To get started using this package, perform the following actions:

  1. Add await inqvine.registerInqvineServices() to your main.dart
  2. Optionally register a GlobalKey<NavigatorState> to access context anywhere using inqvine.setNavigationKey(key)

Here are some packages included with core which we recommend using.
This will allow parts of core to seamlessly integrate with your application.

  1. Beamer ( Some parts of core may include route guards which can be integrated directly into your BeamerRouterDelegate.

Inqvine Service

Think of this as a core place that all shared services can be accessed from.
You can call inqvine. anywhere in your app to find what we support.

  • setNavigationKey -> Set a navigator key, so that functions dependent on context can be used, and context can be obtained via inqvine.context
  • publishEvent -> Send any object down an event bus. This is useful for view model to view model or service to service communication.
  • getEventStream -> Listen on an event bus for objects passed down from publishEvent.
  • resetLocator -> Reset the entire dependency injection container. Useful for testing.
  • isRegisteredInLocator -> Check the dependency injection container for a registered service.
  • getFromLocator -> Get a service or object from the dependency container.
  • registerInLocator -> Register anything inside of the dependency injection container.
  • registerService -> Registers a service extending InqvineServiceBase in the dependency injection container, and then initialize it.
  • registerInqvineServices -> Registers all generic Inqvine services
Available Default Services
  • inqvine.logger -> Configuration for the logger service based on extension methods in string_extensions


Design extensions

Contains Design and Widget extensions on Color and double

  • calculateTextForegroundColor (Returns black or white depending on the color supplied)

  • asRadiusCircular (Converts a double to a border radius)

  • asBorderRadiusCircular (Converts a double to a circular border radius)

  • asHeightWidget (Converts a double to a height based SizedBox)

  • asWidthWidget (Converts a double to a width based SizedBox)

Padding Extensions from doubles

  • asPaddingAll
  • asPaddingT
  • asPaddingTB
  • asPaddingB
  • asPaddingLTR
  • asPaddingLBR
  • asPaddingLR
  • asPaddingL
  • asPaddingR
Crypto extensions

Cryptography and algorthimic functions built on the crypto package.

  • toUtf8
  • toSha1
DateTime extensions

A number of built in extensions for the DateTime object built on top of Jiffy.

  • asSecondsEpoch (Convert to seconds since epoch)
  • hhmmadoMMMMyyyy (Format as hhmmadoMMMMyyyy)
  • hhmma (Format as hhmma)
  • ddMMyyyy (Format as ddMMyyyy)
  • diffYearsFromCurrent
  • diffMonthsFromCurrent
  • diffFromCurrent
  • toJiffy This package contains a variety of basic, commonly used utility extensions (and classes?/functions? etc).
Context Extensions

Contains extensions on BuildContext for faster tidier use of MediaQueryData functions

Measurement Extensions

Contains extensions on double and int for converting to and from meters, feet, and inches

Bluetooth Extensions

Containts extensions for handling fields relating to Bluetooth.
For example, RSSI signal strength.

String Extensions

Contains extensions on String for logging events, errors, and general information

Timestamp Extensions