pub package Analyze & Test

This package contains analysis settings for Flutter/Dart projects and packages by Innim team.

It's stricter than pedantic.

See Customizing static analysis.


To use the lints add a dependency in your pubspec.yaml:

# If you use `unawaited()` in code, add a normal dependency.
  innim_lint: ^0.4.0

# Or, if you just want `analysis_options.yaml`, it can be a dev dependency.
  innim_lint: ^0.4.0

then, add an include in your analysis_options.yaml:

include: package:innim_lint/analysis_options.yaml


Not all futures need to be awaited. By default "unawaited futures" lint enabled which enforces that potential futures in asynchronous functions are handled somehow. If a particular future value doesn't need to be awaited, you can call unawaited(...) with it, which will avoid the lint, simply because the expression no longer has type Future.

Function unawaited appeared in dart:async since 2.15.

Disable some rules

You can disable some rules in your project. Add in your analysis_options.yaml:

    prefer_single_quotes: false

Exclude from analysis

You can exclude some files from analysis - see Excluding code from analysis.

By default all generated code (files with .g.dart suffix) will be excluded with this analysis settings.