injectable library


Used to annotate dependencies which are registered under certain environments
filter for whether to register for the given set of environments clients can extend this class to maker their own environmentFilters
Marks a factory, a named constructor or a static create function as an injectable constructor if not added the default constructor will be used.
Marks a constructor param as factoryParam so it can be passed to the resolver function
a helper class to handle conditional registering
Marks a class as an injectable dependency and generates
Marks a top-level function as an initializer function for configuring Get_it
Classes annotated with @LazySingleton will generate registerLazySingleton func
marks a class as a register module where all property accessors rerun types are considered factories unless annotated with @singleton/lazySingleton.
Used to register a dependency under a name instead of type also used to annotated named injected dependencies in constructors
This filter validates dependencies with no environment keys or contain the provided environment
This filter validates dependencies with no environment keys, or the ones containing all the provided environments
This filter validates dependencies with no environment keys, or the ones containing one of the provided environments
Futures annotated with preResolve will be pre-awaited before they're registered inside of GetIt
A simple filter that can be used directly for simple use cases without having to extend the base EnvironmentFilter
Classes annotated with @Singleton will generate registerSingleton function


dev → const Environment
preset instance of common env name
factoryMethod → const FactoryMethod
const instance of FactoryMethod with default values
const FactoryMethod._()
factoryParam → const FactoryParam
const instance of FactoryParam with default arguments
const FactoryParam._()
injectable → const Injectable
const instance of Injectable with default arguments
const Injectable()
injectableInit → const InjectableInit
const instance of InjectableInit with default arguments
const InjectableInit()
kEnvironmentsName → const String
instance name for the Set of environment keys that's registered internally inside of GetItHelper
lazySingleton → const LazySingleton
const instance of LazySingleton with default arguments
const LazySingleton()
module → const Module
const instance of Module with default arguments
const Module._()
named → const Named
const instance of Named with default arguments
const Named('')
preResolve → const PreResolve
const instance of PreResolve with default arguments
const PreResolve._()
prod → const Environment
preset instance of common env name
const Environment(
singleton → const Singleton
const instance of Singleton with default arguments
const Singleton()
test → const Environment
preset instance of common env name
const Environment(Environment.test)


EnvironmentFilterFunc(Set<String>) → bool
a simple filter function to be used inside SimpleEnvironmentFilter