Infinite Carousel

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Infinite Carousel is a flutter carousel widget that supports infinite looping and gives precise control over selected item anchor and carousel scroll velocity.

You can easily customize the placement of selected element on the viewport, and increase/decrease scroll speed.

Based on Flutter's ListWheelScrollView to create smooth scroll effects.


  • Allows you to control placement of selected item on viewport (unlike pageview which always has its page in the center of viewport).
  • Gives control over velocity of scrolling.
  • Added friction effect to slow down the carousel after scrolling.
  • Supports both horizontal and vertical axis.


Add the package to pubspec.yaml

  infinite_carousel: ^1.0.3

After that import the package.

import 'package:infinite_carousel/infinite_carousel.dart';
  itemCount: 10,
  itemExtent: 120,
  center: true,
  anchor: 0.0,
  velocityFactor: 0.2,
  onIndexChanged: (index) {},
  controller: controller,
  axisDirection: Axis.horizontal,
  loop: true,
  itemBuilder: (context, itemIndex, realIndex) {


It also supports its own scroll controller called InfiniteScrollController which has number of useful methods to programmatically control the carousel.

  • You can pass initialItem in the constructor.
  • animateToItem(index)
  • jumpToItem(index)
  • nextItem()
  • previousItem()


Attribute Data Type Description Default Value
itemCount int Total number of items. Required
itemExtent double Size of single item in viewport. If axis is horizontal, then this corresponds to width of item, else height of the item. Required
itemBuilder Widget Function(BuildContext, int itemIndex, int realIndex) To lazily build items on the viewport. When Loop is false, ItemIndex is equal to RealIndex (i.e, index of element). When loop is true, two indexes are exposed by item builder. One is itemIndex, that is the modded item index i.e., for list of 10, position(11) = 1, and position(-1) = 9. Other is realIndex, that is the actual index, i.e. ..., -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, ... in loop. Real Index is needed if you want to support JumpToItem by tapping on it. Required
physics ScrollPhysics Defaults to InfiniteScrollPhysics, which makes sure we always land on a particular item after scrolling. InfiniteScrollPhysics
controller ScrollController Scroll Controller for the carousel. InfiniteScrollController
onIndexChanged void Function(int) Callback that includes new selected index.
anchor double Where to place selected item on the viewport. Ranges from 0 to 1. 0.0 means selected item is aligned to start of the viewport, and 1.0 meaning selected item is aligned to end of the viewport. This property is ignored when center is set to true. 0.0
loop bool Whether to create a infinite looping list true
velocityFactor double Increase/Decrease velocity of carousel scrolling to this factor. 0.2
axisDirection Axis Axis direction of carousel. Axis.horizontal
center bool Align selected item to center of the viewport. When this is true, anchor property is ignored. true

Flutter web

Earlier, flutter allowed scrolling the widgets by dragging using the mouse. Now, by default, it allows scrolling widgets to be dragged by all PointerDeviceKinds except for PointerDeviceKind.mouse.

If you want to support scrolling by drag, please pass the explicit ScrollBehavior to InfiniteCarousel.

scrollBehavior: ScrollConfiguration.of(context).copyWith(
  dragDevices: {
    // Allows to swipe in web browsers



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Created by Manuinder Sekhon (Github)