Package with infinite view of list and grid. It is optimized to hold big data and expecially for rendering high amount of media as images and videos.

Source code

Source code is available on GitLab.


  • You can choose between InfiniteViewMode.grid or InfiniteViewMode.list.
  • You are able to switch the selected mode
  • When mode is switched all fetched data is passed to new mode
  • No need to write own Image or Video widgets
  • High load of media will keep your app at high performance.

Getting started

Add to pubspec.yaml

  infinite: ^1.0.0

Then in the console of your project folder

flutter pub get


  sdk: ">=2.12.0 <3.0.0"


Widget of infinite view of types InfiniteViewMode.grid or InfiniteViewMode.list.

Since the widget is stateful you can provide a key and use these functions:

reloadMode() {
clear() {

You have to specify getData to be able to fetch items. Of course you can extend its usage by a custom init function for each item.

 Future<List<InfiniteItemViewData<MyListData>>> _onGetData(
  ) async {
    if (startIndex < 0) return [];

    int endIndex = startIndex + nextItemsCount + 1;
    endIndex = endIndex < items.length ? endIndex : items.length;

    final items = await getItems();
    return _onInitItems(items);

The property itemsCount is required since the list should know when last page is reached. Until the last page all items will be fetched when last item is reached on scroll.

If you use InfiniteViewMode.grid you have to provide a InfiniteGridDelegate. If you use InfiniteViewMode.list you have to provide a InfiniteListDelegate.


delegateGrid: InfiniteGridDelegate(
      maxWidth: size.width,
      builder: (context, value, index) => Container(
        color: value.color,
        child: Text(value.text),
      itemExtent: size.width / 2,
      columnsCount: 3,
      pageSize: 20,
    getData: _onGetData,
    onRefresh: _onRefresh,

In delegate you have the possibility to provide a builder or builderWithMedia. When builderWithMedia is provided a list of InfiniteViewMedia is returned. You will have to provide the appropriate InfiniteMediaData when you provide InfiniteItemViewData during startup. You can is it in your widget tree as in following example.

builderWithMedia: (context, value, index, media) => Container(
    color: value.color,
    child: Stack(
      children: [
        media.isNotEmpty ? media.first : Container(),
          alignment: Alignment.bottomCenter,
          child: Text(value.text),

Use onRefresh for custom callback when user pulls the list down. Use colorRefreshIndicator for custom color for indicator when user pulls the list down. Use noMoreItemsIndicatorBuilder for custom view when user scrolled to the end. Use noFoundItemsIndicatorBuilder for custom view when no items were presented.

Additional information

This package is optimized for a long list of lots of media. Especially videos require memory of your device. If you still suffer please add these lines to your Ìnfo.plist.


Future releases

In future releases you will be able:

  • a customizable switch for views
  • view of map and albums