Index Generator

Automatically generate index / barrel files with all the exports needed for your library.


  1. Add in your pubspec.yaml:
  index_generator: ^0.0.0
# ...
    - black: .*.g.dart$
  # Define the paths of the folders in which to generate the index files
    - path: lib
  1. You can generate index files with one of the following two commands:
  • flutter pub run index_generator:main
  • dart run index_generator:main

Advance Usage

  # You can define the default name of the index file
  index_name: barrel
  # You can define general filters for all folders
    - black: .*\.g$
    - path: lib
      # You can define specific filters for this folder
        - white: .*\include.g$
    - path: generator
      # You can define the name of the index file
      index_name: main
      # You can define the name of the library to use within the index
      library: index_generator
  • index_name: Prioritize ownership in folders, otherwise it will use the one defined in the generator. If it is missing, if the folder is lib it will use the package name otherwise the folder name
  • filters: You can define black filters that remove files from the index but white filters will add them back You can use RegExp expressions

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.