A plugin made to show notification inside the app easly.

The in_app_notifier package is a simple and customizable solution for displaying notifications within your Flutter application. It allows you to display a child widget, such as a text message or an image, in any location on the screen. You can also customize the alignment and width of the notification. The package makes use of the Overlay widget, which allows for the notifications to be displayed on top of your current screen without blocking user interactions with the underlying widgets.

An animated image of the plugin In_app_notifier

Getting started

In your pubspec.yaml file, add the following dependency:

  in_app_notifier: <latest-version>

or execute the command:

flutter pub add in_app_notifier


Use this package if you need to:

  • Display notifications anywhere on the screen using Alignment.
  • Show a custom widget on a notification inside the app.


The package uses an OverlayEntry to display the notification and it will automatically remove it from the overlay at the end of a timer, so you don't have to worry about dismissing it manually.

To use the package, import in_app_notifier.dart and execute anywhere on the app.

import 'package:in_app_notifier/in_app_notifier.dart';

void showNotification () {
    context: context,
    alignment: Alignment.topCenter
    child: const YourNotificationWidget(),

Here is an example if you want to delete all or just the first or all the notifications in the queue.

// or

If you want to change the displayTime and maxListLength you can modify the static properties.

void changeProperties() {
  InAppNotifier.displayTime = const Duration(seconds: 20);
  InAppNotifier.maxListLength = 10;

Contributing to this plugin

If you have any ideas or have found a bug, please open an issue on the repository

Let's make this plugin better together!