💬 in_app_notification

pub package

A Flutter package to show custom in-app notification with any Widgets.

✍️ Usage

  1. Import it.

         in_app_notification: <latest-version>
     import 'package:in_app_notification/in_app_notification.dart';
  2. Place InAppNotification Widget into your app. We recommend to place it in the builder of the MaterialApp.

     return MaterialApp(
       home: const HomePage(),
       builder: (context, child) => InAppNotification(
         safeAreaPadding: MediaQuery.of(context).viewPadding,
         minAlertHeight: 60.0,
         child: child,
  3. Get InAppNotification instance via of() method, and invoke show() method.

        child: YourOwnWidget(),
        onTap: () => print('Notification tapped!'),
        duration: Duration(milliseconds: _duration),

🗺 Roadmap / Known issue

  • Null-safety migration
  • Implementation for more gesture
    • Swipe horizontal
  • Performance optimization
    • Currently InAppNotification is recommended to use in builder of MaterialApp, but it means create instance each time of routing.
  • Animation improvement
    • So far, we have confirmed that using a Widget with a height higher than the minAlertHeight specified for InApp will slightly break the animation.

💭 Have a question?

If you have a question or found issue, feel free to create an issue.