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  • Different Paint Modes available. Line, Box/Rectangle, Circle, Freestyle/Signature, Dotted Line, Arrow and Text.
  • Ability to load image from Network Url, Asset Image, Image from file and from memory.
  • Controls from constructors like strokeWidth and Colors.
  • Export image as memory bytes which can be converted to image.
  • Ability to undo and clear drawings.
  • Customize ToolBar properties. Implementation provided on example
  • Function available for all features. Implementation provided on example

Getting started

In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

  image_sketcher: latest

In your library add the following import:

import 'package:image_sketcher/image_sketcher.dart';

Using the library

Check out the example

Basic usage of the libary:

  • Painting over image from network url.
final _imageKey = GlobalKey<ImageSketcherState>();
//Provide controller to the painter."https://sample_image.png",
                  key: _imageKey,scalable: true),

///Export the image:
Uint8List byteArray = await _imageKey.currentState.exportImage();

For more thorough implementation guide, check the example.