Image Res

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A command-line tool which simplifies a task of placing image files into appropriate folders based on their resolution. Refer to for further information regarding how Flutter manages resolution-appropriate images. To put it another way, when you place your image assets in a Flutter project and run this plugin. It'll look into all images' filename and automatically move them to appropriate-resolution folders.

For example, if you place images in the asset folder as shown below:

+-- images/
|   +-- icons/
|   |   +-- search.png
|   |   +-- search@2x.png
|   |   +-- search@3x.png
|   +-- logo.png
|   +-- logo@2x.png
|   +-- logo@3x.png

After running this plugin (with a configuration file in the project's root directory), the images whose filename includes a resolution indicator will be moved as follows:

+-- images/
|   +-- 2.0x/
|   |   +-- logo.png
|   +-- 3.0x/
|   |   +-- logo.png
|   +-- icons/
|   |   +-- 2.0x/
|   |   |   +-- search.png
|   |   +-- 3.0x/
|   |   |   +-- search.png
|   |   +-- search.png
|   +-- logo.png

Getting Started

  1. Install the image_res plugin by adding it in pubspec.yaml under dev_dependencies section and run flutter packages get
         image_res: ^0.2.2
  2. Create a new configuration file called image_res.yaml in the project's root directory
     # The organizer recursively looks into all files in the `asset_folder_path`. (relative to the project's root)
     asset_folder_path: assets/images/
     # The organizer only arranges files with their extension listed in the `file_extensions`.
         - .jpg
         - .png
     # The organizer uses `resolution_indicator` to extract a resolution's part from the filename.
     # The `resolution_indicator` must conform to the following pattern:
     #   '[start_token]{N}[end_token]' where
     #       - [start_token]: A token that indicates a starting point of the resolution's part.
     #       - [end_token]: A token that indicates an ending point of the resolution's part.
     # Valid `resolution_indicator`s along with example filenames that they can detect are shown below.
     #   '@{N}x': logo@2x.png, logo@2.0x.png, @2.0xlogo.png
     #   '--{N}#': logo--2#.png, logo--2.0#.png, --2.0#logo.png
     resolution_indicator: '@{N}x'
     # If `allow_overwrite` is true when there is the same filename already existing in a target folder, the organizer will replace it.
     allow_overwrite: false
  3. Run the plugin in the project's root directory. See Available CLI Commands
     flutter packages pub run image_res:main <command>

Note that this plugin can be installed globally by flutter packages pub global activate image_res. Instead of typing a long command shown above, you can run it by just imgres.

If you encounter an issue indicating dart: command not found, please install Dart separately first and try running again.

Available CLI Commands

[blank]Run this plugin once
runRun this plugin once
watchRun this plugin and watch for changes


  • If the plugin was installed globally, run it by:
      imgres <command>
  • If the plugin was installed locally in a Flutter project, run it by:
      flutter packages pub run image_res:main <command>