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This package allows us to easily use the libraries already created and published in "shimmer" and "cached_network_image"

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How to Use

import 'package:image_picker_loading_jm/image_picker_loading_jm.dart';

       imagePickerLoadingJModel: ImagePickerLoadingJModel(
         image: "",
         imageError: "assets/image/image.jpeg",
         buildBody: (_, provider) => Container(
           height: 300,
           width: 300,
           decoration: BoxDecoration(
             borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(30),
             image: DecorationImage(
               image: provider,
               fit: BoxFit.cover,


all parameters are sent via the ImagePickerLoadingJModel model

    image                             Receives a mandatory String, and allows us to obtain the url or path of the image we want to display.
    imageError                        Receives a mandatory String, and allows us to get the path of the error image, only asset images can be sent.
    typeImage                         Receives a TypeImage, this field is not required and allows us to know the type of image we want to display in our widget, Asset or Network.
    buildBody                         Required field, receives a BuildBody data type