This is a simple simple ppackage to use image as a custom loading animation


You can use any asset image or network image to create a custom loading animation.

Getting started

  1. Import the package
  2. Call ImageLoadingAnimation()
  3. Pass any image through assetImage or networkImage;
  4. If you want to use use networkImage don't forget to pass usingNetworkImage as true


      assetImage: 'assets/download.png',

Additional information

Optional parameters that you can use as well

  Color? backgroundColor,
  String? networkImage,
  bool? usingNetworkImage,
  double? imageWidth,
  double? imageHeight,
  Duration? animationDuration,
  bool? reverseAnimation,
  double? containerWidth,


You are invited to do any awesome chnages GitHub repo link:

// custom_loading_animation a child of Tahmeed's Lab