ImageCaptureField is as easy-to-use as a TextField which works with it's own controller to take image input with inbuilt optional image cropper

Simple to use: Just Follow below 2 steps

Step 1. Define a ImageCaptureController

final _controller = ImageCaptureController();

Step 2. Put as a child of any widget or may be as one of the children of a Column

Just like below Code put it anywhere in your code

    controller: _controller,

And it is DONE. You can NOW pick any image.

Access Image Data (Uint8List) by,


Access Name of the Image can be found,


And Know whether there is any image already picked or not,


Methods in the ImageCaptureController are

To clear the data stored in the ImageCaptureController


Crop functionality added

You can use it by passing the property in the ImageCaptureField():

includeCropper: true

To fix cropper aspect ratio

cropAspectRatio : (width/height)   or,   any ratio in double

Some Screenshots

1    2    3    4    5    6   

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